Stephanie & Elliot’s Backyard Wedding

   Auckland, New Zealand
   August 17th, 2017

Steph and Elliot did their wedding their way, and it was perfect. They got ready in the morning at home together. Steph’s makeup was done by a friend, her hair by her mum, and she even made her own wedding dress. Elliot popped on a shirt, had a beer, and was ready. We then all piled into my car, and drove out to their friends gorgeous property where the garden was being cleaned and prepped for the lunchtime ceremony. A few photos, a quick cup of tea, beautiful words were exchanged, a lot of tears flowed, the best confetti bombs I have ever seen exploded, and they were married. It was then time for champagne, hot dogs, and ice cream on the lawn, and just like that the lunchtime party was in full swing. It really was the best. X

Steph and Elliot did most things themselves or used their creative friends and family, which they felt made the day more them. 
Hair and Cake: Steph’s amazing mother Patricia
Makeup: Nicola from Your Makeup Artist
Dress: Handmade by Steph and one of her friends
Flowers: Palmers Planet
Venue: McLeod House 
Caravan: Minty B Ice Creamery 
Bar: The Cute Caravan Company
Decorations Handmade by Steph and friends (craft parties, oh yeah)

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