Romana & Kirk’s Wedding

   At home in New Zealand
   August 1st, 2017

I think when you have spent 17 years of your life together, built a home, acquired two rescue dogs, and had two children, your wedding day becomes one about celebrating all of THAT.  This was a day for family and friends, and it showed from the minute I arrived. It was those very people who were all mucking in to prepare platters of food, distribute hay on the VERY wet grass (remember that weather bomb Auckland had? Yeah, this was that weekend) move trampolines, cars, set up caravans, and just help with anything else that needed doing.

It was a really lovely atmosphere to be amongst. The energy was high, kids were running a muck and almost outnumbering the adults, guests were told to come in gumboots if they wanted, and the celebrating life and love didn’t stop until four in the morning. What a way to spend a wedding. X 

Kirk and Romana wish to thank all their friends and family for their help on the day – we couldn’t have done it without them. 

Dress: Spell Design

Kirk: Iconic 

Food: Napoli Central

Drinking station: One Little Wagon

Tents: Adorabells

Kids: Cottontail 

Wedding bands: Turner House

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