Amy & Michael’s Wedding

   Auckland City
   August 9th, 2016

Amy and Michael are a lovely Kiwi couple living in London. So as most of their family and friends live in New Zealand, it was natural that these birds wanted to fly home for their celebrations. What I loved about their unique approach was that it was just the two of them, with their immediate families, heading down to the registry office shortly after lunch to get the paperwork signed off. Small, intimate, no fuss, the day just about their commitment to each other. But don’t worry, there was a huge party the following night for all the friends and family to celebrate with them.

After their ceremony,  just the two of them came and met me in the sunshine for the afternoon. It was so relaxing having no time constraints, no fuss, just the three of us wandering around Sentinel Beach, then we all piled into my car and headed down to Silo Park for a few more snaps. The evening markets were just starting to fill up and ‘My Girl’ was playing over the loud speaker. Talk about the perfect end to a perfect wedding day. Sometimes everything just falls into place perfectly, and you then realise that magic is real, and these two totally deserve each and every bit of it.

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Dress: Juliette Hogan

Flowers: Twig and Twine

Makeup: Mac

Hair: Dry and Tea

Grooms Suit: Working Style

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