Phil & Stef’s Wedding.

   The Stables, Matakana
   July 12th, 2016

This beautiful summer wedding in Matakana was such a stand out for me this year. Phil and Stef are both very relaxed people, and having been together for many years, naturally their day went off without a hitch. They also have a ridiculously cute fur baby, Winston, a very dapper French Bulldog, especially when wearing the bow tie he was sporting for the big day. His loud snorting/breathing/wheezing thing he had going on during their entire ceremony had everyone in hysterics, and made for a nice distraction from the formalities. Dogs at weddings, really, so great. Their ceremony was at the little hall in Whangateau, a spot I have always driven past on trips up to the Leigh Sawmill, and longed for a look inside or photo session there. So thank you guys for bringing that dream into a reality, and for asking me to capture your gorgeous wedding. It really was such a treat. X


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Brides Hair: By bridesmaid Amy Phengsavath

Bridesmaids Hair: By the bride

Makeup: Bailee Wilson-Yates – MishMash

Flowers: Florienne

Cake: M2M Cake Creations (my maid of honour Chloe and her mum)

Dress: Martina Liana Couture 

Groom: Rembrandt

Shoes: Valentino 

Ceremony Venue: Whangateau Hall

Reception Venue: The Stables, Matakana

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