Katherine & Richard’s Wedding.

   The Tasting Shed, Auckland
   July 11th, 2016

Katherine and Richard were married at The Tasting Shed on a perfect summer’s day earlier this year. We took a few drinks, and all their bridal party, into Woodhill forest before the ceremony for photographs. While this sounds efficient, the reality is we just had loads of laughs amongst the pines, and got some gorgeous shots in-between me nearly wetting myself with laughter. Every time I met up with these two to talk about the wedding, everything was sorted, easy, and there was no stress… just like their wedding day. I really do love doing photographs beforehand as it takes any of those pre-game nerves away, and means that the couple get the most time in with all their nearest and dearest. I guess when Kat told me they were having a piñata instead of a wedding cake, and their honeymoon was going to be with friends and family at Coachella, I knew these were my kind of people, and that family came first on the wedding day.

So to Kat, Chitty, your amazing bridal party, and all your family – thank you for having me along and I really hope my photographs can do your gorgeous day some justice. X


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Hair: SNOW by Samantha Snow

Makeup: Serenity Makeup

Flowers: Markantonia

Cake: N/A (we had a piñata ?)

Dress: Astra Bridal

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Headpiece: Anna Campbell 

Suits: Suitsource

Venue: The Tasting Shed, Kumeu

Celebrant: Melanie Kerr

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