Kate & Nick’s Wedding.

   Waipu Beach
   July 28th, 2016

Lucia and Arlo’s mum and dad were married this summer. It truly warms my heart (and wells my eyes) so much when I get to be part of a day where there are not just two, but three, or four, or sometimes five or more, becoming one.  This gorgeous beach wedding was really relaxed, and a day where all the family pitched in to help. Kate made a lot of the decorations and table settings herself, while her mum made shirts for Nick and Arlo to wear on the big day. The army of ladies on Nick’s side – mum, sisters, cousins and kids, all prepared and cooked the food for everyone at the reception.  A real, honest, family-filled love fest, in a gorgeous setting. Congratulations you two, and thank you again for having us be a part of the magic.

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Hair & Makeup: The lovely ladies from Alice and Leigh Beauty Boutique

Flowers: FlowerChild

Dress: Fame & Fortune (ASOS)

Shoes: Rebel London

Venue: The Celtic Barn, Waipu

Ceremony: Waipu Cove

Food: The Spit Roast Catering Company

Bride – Kate: I did a lot myself including the cake the night before (which was a disaster haha) I also did the styling and tables at the venue

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