Jemma & Tim’s Rooftop Wedding.

   Auckland City
   July 7th, 2016

This wedding. Seriously. What a day. What an amazing bunch of people. And oh, what a party! There was just so much about this wedding that I loved – beautiful wild bouquets, an A La Robe wedding dress, Two Foxes Styling adding their magic touch to the venue, some smokin’ hot hell-raisers in the bridal party, and just loads of laughs all day long. It was such a pleasure for me to have been able to capture this magic day, and be able to share their wedding story with you. All I can say is this is the only wedding I’ve been able to ‘make it rain’…  I’m just so glad the Hotel deBrett had that red velvet robe, and the boys had some Showgirls money leftover…

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Venue: Rooftop Terrace, Auckland District Law Society, Chancery Chambers

Dress: A La Robe

Shoes: Kathryn Wilson

Bridesmaids: Liam

Groom & Groomsmen: Working Style

Bouquets: Love & Mr Lewis

Hair & Makeup: Sarah Knight

Stylists: Two Foxes

Food: Canapes & Co.

Cake: Kapiti Cheese

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