Jade & Lee’s Destination Wedding

   Koh Samui, Thailand
   December 8th, 2015

When Jade and Lee asked me to come to Thailand to photograph their wedding I didn’t have to think twice. I had been there once before, but only on a stopover in Bangkok, so was very keen to get back and explore the country some more, and what an incredible spot for a wedding. Koh Samui is so beautiful and easy to get around. Hire a scooter, pop your bags on your back, and off you go exploring. I managed to sneak a tiny holiday on the end of the trip after the wedding and went to all three islands in the gulf, and totally fell in love. The food, the people, the culture – it’s all gorgeous. So I completely understand why these two chose to get married here. Lee’s family is from England, Jade’s, New Zealand. So Thailand made perfect sense for all the family to get together in the one place, which is kind of like meeting in the middle of the globe for both families. I love destination weddings, and am so very lucky to do a couple of trips each year to photograph couples around the globe and explore places I have yet to see.  One of the things I really love is that I get to know the family and guests really well, as we are usually all staying in the same place, which makes for a lot of fun naughty end of night shots like you’ll see here. 

To Jade, Lee, your two beautiful children and wonderful friends and family, thank you for making me feel so welcome. Now lets go back again for another holiday.

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Villa Baan Samlarn
Dress Jessica Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses Esprit
Groom & Groomsman Gear Gibson (Pants & Waistcoat)
Wedding Planner Dreamcatchers
Hair Samantha Kerdphon
Makeup Jane Maddox
Videographer Mambo Photography

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  1. Ngaire says:

    Emily these photos are superb – it was such a magical day and these capture it perfectly

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