Rachel & Gary’s Wedding

   Ascension Wine Estate, Matakana
   November 15th, 2015
When I first met Rachel and Garry, I knew this wedding was going to be pretty special. So effortlessly gorgeous and relaxed, just like the two of them. They are actually three though – their little blonde bombshell of a son, along with his cousins, made for some pretty cute page boys. This just happened to be one of those typical days in New Zealand where we actually did get a taste of all four seasons in the one day. I have photographed in the rain a number of times now, but never have I been in a downpour like we witnessed during this particular ceremony. The heavens opened just as Rachel and her father started to walk down the aisle, and absolutely drenched the guests and wedding party. I actually don’t think there could have been enough umbrellas to withstand this rain. But when you have such a gorgeous, loving couple in front of you, and the whole family presence was strong, no one cared about a little (a lot) of water.

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Hair and Makeup – Uncle Corey (who stole the show, and kindly dressed and touched up throughout the day)
Some Bridesmaids Makeup – Shona Stevenson
Some Bridesmaids Hair – Robyn
Flowers – Sourced from both Onewa Road Florists, which we styled ourselves and Whangateau Roses
Shoes – Tony Bianco
Celebrant – Miriama Smith
Styling – A collaboration of whanau and friends
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