Ben & Philippa’s Wedding

   Tauranga, New Zealand
   November 20th, 2015

This was one hell of a wedding. I have known the gorgeous Philly for quite some years now. We have wined, dined, danced, cried, laughed. and partied together. I also knew quite a few of the guests, and have photographed one of her bridesmaid’s weddings as well. So it was a pretty relaxing, fun-filled day for me where I was able to sneak in the odd glass of bubbly while swinging my camera around.  The wedding was all at Ben’s family’s restaurant Harbourside, and with Ben being a skilled photographer and creative, I knew I had to get this right!  These two both have an incredible sense of style and fine eye for detail. Ben designed all the invites and menus, while Philly carefully planned out and handmade a lot of the table settings. Oh and incase you are wondering what’s with all the bird-flipping photos… check out some of Ben’s incredible work here, and all will be revealed…

To Ben and Philly, aka Hunky Ted and Aunty Phil, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me along on your truly incredible day.

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Rings: Ben – Meadowlark  |  Philly – Naveya and Sloane and Pandora

Wedding Dress – Alex Perry

Grooms Suit – Rembrandt

Florist – Blanc Tauranga

Hair and Makeup – Fiona Wright

Cake – Cakeaway

Venue – Harbourside

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