Aimee & Dave’s Wedding

   Goldie Estate, Waiheke Island
   August 6th, 2015

Aimee and Dave were married on Waiheke island at one of my favourite little spots, Goldie Vineyard. What made this wedding so cool (well for me anyway, perhaps not for them or the guests) is that it absolutely poured down during the ceremony. I know this doesn’t sound ideal, and at first it wasn’t. But once a few umbrellas went up, and chivalrous men passed their jackets to ladies, everyone huddled in closer, making it such an intimate ceremony. It definitely would be one to remember. While the rest of the day was beautiful and sunny, just during that ceremony everyone was in it together, battling the elements, for this absolutely lovely couple. X

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Dress: Claire Pettibone

Venue: The Goldie Room, Goldwater Estate, Waiheke

Stylists: Two Foxes

Flowers: Flower Gallery by Virginia Thompson

Hair and Makeup: Madeleine from Sophie Tucker Hair and Makeup

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