Rochelle & Duane’s Wedding

   The Tasting Shed, Auckland
   September 16th, 2014

Rochelle & Duane’s story is pretty gosh darn cute. When I arrived at the gorgeous Hotel DeBrett on the morning of their wedding, Rochelle along with her mum and sister, had the champagne popped, were having a laugh, and all getting ready together.  I went to work gathering up the details for the day to photograph, and saw the wedding invitation… ‘boy meets girl, offers her a Sambuca.’ Not an opening line I see on wedding invitations very often!

I kept finding out more about this famous Sambuca fueled love story throughout the day, but it all started in the UK, where Duane from Cornwall met Rochelle from New Zealand, and offered to buy her a Sambuca. She accepted, they talked all night, then Rochelle disappeared back to the southern hemisphere.  Clearly Duane, well smitten, followed shortly after. What follows next is a lot of travel, fun and adventure together, a gorgeous wedding at The Tasting Shed in Kumeu, and a dance floor filled with Sambuca shots. Enjoy.

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Accommodation & Getting Ready:



Hair: Tony @ Durham Hair

Makeup Artist: Tatum Dunster

Celebrant: Melanie Kerr

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