Rose & Geoff’s Waiheke Wedding.

   Plumbago Hill, Waiheke Island
   August 29th, 2016

Now. These people know how to party. I first met the lovely Rose and Geoff while partying in Italy a few years ago. We were all barefoot dancing out in front of a beautiful villa in Tuscany, where I photographed their friend’s wedding. So when I received the email asking if I would be free to photograph their love fest over on Waiheke island, I was all in. Rose grew up on the island, so naturally¬†getting ready at mum’s house was always on the cards. A house that holds so many memories, and so beautiful to see it bursting with life and ladies on the wedding morning. Photographs were all places that held strong significance to Rose from her time growing up on Waiheke, which just adds that little bit more magic to the day; being all grown up in your wedding attire in the places you played barefoot as a child.

Now this partying business. I need to talk about this more. I have never, ever, seen a more vibrant entrance into a reception in all my time photographing weddings. Think: The Blues Brothers ‘Can’t Turn You Loose’ being played by a live band. Kazoo’s, drums, guitars, the works. And a room full of people standing, dancing, cheering and stomping, while each of the bridal party entered the room dancing up a storm. It was awesome. Truly one I’ll never forget.

Thank you so much for having us be a part of the magic, party on guys.


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Hair: Jules Arlove – Hair on Waiheke

Makeup: Amy Crawford – Beauty Spot

Dress: Secret Lace Bridal

Venue: Plumbago Hill

Band: White Chapel Jak Band

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