I usually shy away from writing, or having photographs taken of myself, but I have been assured this is important, so here goes.  I find I stop to take moments as they come, allow things to unfold naturally, and find myself constantly inspired by the beauty of the every day. I believe passionately in authentic images, and I am an absolute sucker for natural light. Inspired by real connections, I make images that tell a story about perfectly beautiful, messy moments of life. 

I approach wedding days like this as well. I look beyond the dress and decorations to capture the celebration of two people and their family and friends. Focusing on you and all your nearest and dearest people having a good time together, I capture your moments in a natural, candid, and unobtrusive style. I understand that this day is unique to you. It is special to you. And I want you to enjoy it without worrying about a thing, to trust that the day will happen as it is meant to happen, and that I will capture it in a way that suits you. I love being a part of the celebrations, and being able to document the most intimate moments in someones life is such a precious gift to be entrusted with.

I talk a lot about weddings as they make up a big part of what I do day-to-day, and they are one of my favourite things to photograph. Capturing all the beautiful unorchestrated moments that unfold in front of me at each event, just cements why I do this crazy little thing I do.  This ethos of mine I carry across all my other areas of photography interest as well, and really enjoy working in diverse fields. I have put a few photos below from my personal collection, a little Emily Raftery mood board if you will. A small selection of some personal work, some of my main muse – my daughter, and I’ve even put a few in of myself to put a face behind the photos. The photos below are mostly shot on a collection of janky old film and polaroid cameras, and I am always keen to collaborate on projects that involve any of these mediums.

Track below ‘Fall in Love’ by one of my all-time favourites, J Dilla.